About GeoGIS2020

GeoGIS2020 is a general framework for managing technical databases. The system contains a wide range of functions specifically aimed at geological, geotechnical and water technical data and tasks.

GeoGIS2020 is primarily aimed at public authorities, consultants and contractors. Data can be displayed in data lists, graphs, documents and on maps. 


Data can be imported / exported in a variety of formats. Special attention should be paid to the interaction with GIS systems such as MapInfo and ArcGIS. 

GeoGIS2020 can access data from the Jupiter database run and maintained by the Danish geological survey. The Jupiter database contains geological and hydrogeological data as well as chemical analysis values for soil, water and air from all over Denmark. 

GeoGIS2020 is developed by RAMBØLL and sold on a licensed basis. 

GeoGIS2020 is a further development of the previous GeoGIS2005, which can still be downloaded from this website. 

Databases in GeoGIS2000 / GeoGIS2005 format must be converted before they can be used in GeoGIS2020.


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